Why hire a Hot Tub

hot tubTaking time to relax and de-stress in a hot tub is an important element of maintaining a balanced life. Being immersed in warm water has been proven to help you relax both physically and mentally and even helps your body turn down the “fight or flight” response. 

Stress results in muscle tension, headaches, fatigue and soreness. Regular Hot Tub use, through a combination of buoyancy, heat and massage relieves tension and stress. 

Warm water hydrotherapy, as it is called, has been shown in studies to have an overall calming effect by balancing the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. 

There are several other reasons why hot tubs are relaxing. As mentioned the hydro massage provided by the jets tends to relax and elongate muscles. There is also a calming sensation provided by the buoyancy effect of immersing yourself in the bubbling water of a hot tub.